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BELART: Necklace; Eco-Resin Nine with Silver Leaf

BELART: Necklace; Eco-Resin Nine with Silver Leaf

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BELART LLC is a FairTrade, Socially Responsible, Vermont small business, supporting and empowering artisan communities.

Their Eco-Resin Collections are handmade and created from bio-based resins, co-products of waste products. These materials do not compete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture.

Instead of employing the conventional synthetic and toxic petroleum based resins, Belart believes in "Green Chemistry" that requires less harmful by products, reducing our carbon footprint.

Enjoy your environmentally sustainable unique piece of jewelry.

Product Highlights:
• Leather Cord
• Adjustable Length
• approx 44" long
• FairTrade
• Made in the USA