Kingdom County Productions: DVD, 'A Stranger in the Kingdom'

Kingdom County Productions: DVD, 'A Stranger in the Kingdom'

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A Stranger in the Kingdom

A film by Jay Craven (1998)

Based on the novel by Howard Frank Mosher
Starring Ernie Hudson, Davd Lansbury, Martin Sheen, Jean-Louisa Kelly, Jordan Bayne.

A STRANGER IN THE KINGDOM tells the story of a small Vermont town whose veneer of peace and tranquility is shattered when a black minister arrives as the town’s new pastor and, soon after, finds himself charged with adultery and the murder of a French Canadian waif passing through town on her way to pursue her Hollywood dream. Young rascal lawyer Charlie Kinneson, the local favorite son, tricks the young Canadian girl into town under false pretenses but he decides to defend the minister, placing himself at odds with family, friends, and a vanishing way of life. Inspired by true events.

Release Date: 1998
Director: Jay Craven
Studio: Kingdom County Productions
Product Dimensions: 7.5x5.3x0.5"
Format: DVD
Runtime: 1h 52m
UPC: 783722716427