BELART: Necklace; Tagua Colored with Gold Leaf

BELART: Necklace; Tagua Colored with Gold Leaf

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BELART LLC is a FairTrade, Socially Responsible, Vermont small business, supporting and empowering artisan communities.

TAGUA nuts are the seeds from the fruits of the Phytelephas Aequatorialis palm tree, meaning literally: elephant plant fro the Equatorial Region of the Amazon rain Forest. It is the NEW "Green Ivory" Eco-Fashion, a piodegradable, renewable, and sustainable resource. Our TAGUA custom products are handmade from sustainabley harvested TAGUA nuts- collected after they fall to the groud, so the palm trees are not harmed.

The use of TAGUA, and it's harvesting, provides an eco-friendly alternative to the use of the Tropical Rainforest's resources, thus helping in protecting and saving the Rainforest that have been tilled and burned to be used as land for cattle and illegal plantations.

Enjoy your environmentally sustainable unique piece of jewelry.

Product Highlights:
• Leather Cord
• Adjustable Length
• approx 32" long
• FairTrade
• Made in the USA