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Historic Folk Toys: Game, 'Hardwood Top (Natural)'

Historic Folk Toys: Game, 'Hardwood Top (Natural)'

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Hardwood Top (Natural)
Our recently designed Natural Hardwood Top is similar to our Colored Hardwood Top except, of course, it has a natural wood finish. It also measures 1-3/4 inches by 3 inches, includes a cotton cord, plus directions for four top games. Knowing that today's children like brightly colored toys, you might wish to consider stocking both the natural and colored tops.

Historical Background: Spinning tops have been used by cultures throughout history and around the world. Tops were introduced in Japan during the 8th century from China by way of Koma in the Korean Peninsula. Japanese tops are known as "koma" and were originally a game for court people and nobility. Playing with tops is also part of our Early American history. They were known as "peg tops" in the early 1800s and played with by boys.