Kingdom County Productions: DVD, 'Gayleen'

Kingdom County Productions: DVD, 'Gayleen'

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A film by Jay Craven (1985)

Starring Gayleen Aiken
Produced by Jay Craven and Don Sunseri

GAYLEEN explores the wonderful world of Vermont outsider artist Gayleen Aiken. Gayleen’s vivid paintings set the stage for a fantastic journey into an eccentric world of days gone by. Accompanied by her mischievous Raimbilli Cousins, 24 life-sized cardboard cutouts, Gayleen guides us through the granite quarries, lakesides and old country houses illuminated by her art. Artist, actress, prankster, puppeteer, cartoonist, dancer, musician and comedian, Gayleen is a one-of-a-kind sensation and an inspired and free-spirited “grass roots” Vermont visionary. Special screenings included The Gallery at Lincoln Center. Produced in association with the GRACE project.

Release Date: 1985
Director: Jay Craven
Studio: Kingdom County Productions
Product Dimensions: 7.5x5.3x0.5"
Format: DVD
Runtime: approx 25 min