Event Ticket: Jane Stickle Talk, 'Pamela Weeks' (member)

Event Ticket: Jane Stickle Talk, 'Pamela Weeks' (member)

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Pamela Weeks: What’s New About Jane Stickle and Her Quilt?
Saturday September 29, 2018 2:00 PM

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Pamela Weeks, Binney Family Curator of the New England Quilt Museum and Executive Director of ABC Quilts, shares information about the famous 1863 Jane Stickle Quilt and its maker. Weeks physically examined and conducted extensive research on the quilt in 2013, on the 150th anniversary of its making. With contributions from Bennington Museum staff and Stickle family members, Weeks was able to shed new light on the life of the Vermont farm wife who made an incredible quilt.

Jane Stickle’s hugely ambitious quilt is unique among mid-nineteenth- century American quilts. The small size and sheer quantity of the uniquely patterned blocks in Stickle’s quilt is especially notable. The average size of a quilt block during this period was 8 to 12 inches square, while the 169 blocks in the Stickle quilt measure 4 to 5 inches square, or one quarter the typical scale. Many of the blocks are intricately pieced, the individual pieces ranging in size from less than a quarter of an inch to 2 inches on a side and some of the blocks having as many as thirty-five to forty pieces. The quilt contains a remarkable 5,602 pieces surrounded by a unique scalloped border. Amazingly, none of the printed fabrics are used in more than one block.

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