Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Quilt Pattern Bookmark'

Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Quilt Pattern Bookmark'

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Quilt Pattern Bookmark
Our Quilt Pattern Cross-Stitch Bookmark Kit includes a 14-count Ribband bookmark, needle, floss, graph, instructions, and history. Finished bookmark size is 2 inches by 7-1/2 inches.

Historical Background: Counted cross-stitch is done on even-weave fabric like Aida cloth. This cloth is available in different count sizes ranging from 7 to 22. The number denotes the approximate number of fibers in an inch. The smaller the number, the larger the cross-stitch. "Counted cross-stitch" means that the crafter is counting the number of stitches and following a graph.

Pearl cotton can be used for cross-stitch, but more often embroidery floss is used. Floss is made of mercerized cotton and has six strands that are loosely twisted together but easily separated. Two strands of floss are normally used with low- to medium-count Aida cloth and only one strand with the higher count fabric. A special tapestry needle with a blunt point and a larger eye is perfect for cross-stitch projects.

Some of the earlier cross-stitch works were not done on even-weave fabric and pictures may have been stamped or drawn onto the fabric. Today, many cross-stitch projects are meant to be framed for display purposes. Tea towels, pillowcases, tableware, doilies, etc., have been cross-stitched in the past just as a form of embellishment. There have been numerous publications featuring these kinds of cross-stitch projects. Cross-stitched bookmarks have become a popular American sewing project today. They are small and useful and can be simple or very ornate. They are also a nice keepsake article and make a wonderful gift either as a kit or a finished project.

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS - 3 x 8.25 x 0.25"