Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Sewing Cards Set'

Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Sewing Cards Set'

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Sewing Cards Set
Our set of old-fashioned Sewing Cards includes five illustrated cards, lacing yarn with tipped ends, and instructions. Sewing Cards are a proven method for encouraging small children to sew! They were considered such a great sewing introduction to preschool children that several companies started manufacturing sewing card sets.

Historical Background: In 1937, George Parker of Parker Brothers included Big Animal Sewing Cards in his offerings. This product was updated in 1956 and continued to use the same name. The cartoon strip character "Little Lulu" was created by Marjorie Henderson Buell in 1935. This cartoon ran through 1945 when her character was used in children's games and toys -- including sewing cards. Whitman made a set of Mother Goose sewing cards in 1959 featuring nursery rhyme characters Georgie Porgie, Little Jack Horner, Little Bo-Peep, and Jack Be Nimble.

Sewing cards are a good teaching tool for preschoolers, and this activity is one of the best ways to introduce sewing to them. Working with sewing cards helps develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Sewing cards have been made in a variety of ways but most are on heavy paper or cardboard with fun pictures printed on them. These pictures have holes in various places for sewing the colored laces. They usually included tipped yarn or braided nylon laces and may also have a large, plastic yarn needle if lengths of yarn were included.

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS - 6.75 x 6 x 3"