Grandma Moses: Book, 'Remembering Grandma Moses'
Grandma Moses: Book, 'Remembering Grandma Moses'

Grandma Moses: Book, 'Remembering Grandma Moses'

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Remembering Grandma Moses
Beth Moses Hickok

This reminiscence of Grandma Moses brings an intimate new perspective to bear on a legendary American personality. The author deftly commingles diverse time elements so that one can read in the 1990s a manuscript written in the 1960's that brings back to life episodes and dialogue that took place in the 1930s about an Upper New York State farm wife who was about to become famous.

Grandma Moses gained renown ad a public figure starting in the late 1930s and she lived in a good health and spirits to see her 100th birthday in 1960 become a a veritable national holiday. By the time of her death, more than a year later, she had inspired generations of senior citizens to follow their fancies, indulge their talents, and be true to their own personalities and interests. It was a remarkable American life, and remains a story worthy of reflection.

Publication Date: 1994
Publisher: Images from the Past
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Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 64
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ISBN: 978-1-884592-01-0