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Historic Folk Toys: Book, 'Early American Folk Dolls'

Historic Folk Toys: Book, 'Early American Folk Dolls'

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Early American Folk Dolls
Our Easy-to-Make Early American Folk Dolls Book (94701) includes patterns, instructions, and histories for the following 12 dolls: Old-Fashioned Rag Doll, Traditional Handkerchief Doll (or Church Doll), Revolutionary War Knot Doll, Aunt Judith's Yarn Doll, Nineteenth-Century Felt Doll, Pioneer Leavings Doll, Classic Cornhusk Doll, Primitive Corncob Doll, Miniature Cloth Doll, Colonial Spoon Doll, Tied Handkerchief Doll, and Early American Poppet Doll. This collection is filled with nostalgic line drawings and interesting fun facts.

Historical Background: Handmade dolls in early America were created from household items such as scraps of fabric, old clothing, handkerchiefs, bits of yarn, cornhusks, corncobs, wooden spoons, and other items that were no longer needed. Mothers and daughters have made these cherished dolls for generations. Store-bought dolls were not always readily available and, if they were, were oftentimes too expensive.

The rag doll was probably the most beloved doll a little girl could have. She could dress it, kiss it, cuddle it, scold it, confide in it, rock it, and learn to make clothes for it as she learned to sew. Other simple cloth dolls that were made to entertain a child when the mother had little time or supplies were the handkerchief doll, leavings doll, and knot doll.

Dolls were also made from natural items such as cornhusks, corncobs, nuts, sticks, and braided grasses when yarn was not available. Dolls can be either a best friend for a little girl or a collectible for adults. When making your own doll, you can give it your special touch with a favorite fabric, and make it to match your décor (everyday or holidays). Just as it was centuries ago, a handmade doll will make a special gift and a memorable piece of a little girl's childhood.

The making of folk dolls is encouraged by the Girl Scouts, youth organizations, education programs at museums, and mothers who home school. By making the same kind of dolls our ancestors made, the crafting of old-fashioned folk dolls will not be forgotten. Historical Folk Toys is pleased to do its part to keep the art of doll making alive and preserve the tradition of passing keepsake dolls from one generation to the next.

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5"
Pages: 32