Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'God's Eye Ojo de Dios'

Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'God's Eye Ojo de Dios'

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God's Eye Ojo de Dios
Our God's Eye Kit (Ojo de Dios) includes four dowels, two skeins of different colored yarn, instructions to make two God's Eyes, and history. Wrap the different colored yarn around two dowels that cross each other at the midpoints to make a southwestern Indian ceremonial shield that is traditionally known by its Spanish name, "Ojo de Dios." This kit is a fun scout-group project or classroom activity.

Historical Background: Ojo de Dios is Spanish for "eye of God." According to Castilian Spanish, it is pronounced "oh-ho-day-Dee-ohs" (the "j" is silent or sometimes has a light "h" sound). Ojos de Dios (plural) were discovered by early Spaniards when they encountered the Huichol (pronounced "wettchol") Indians in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. There they saw brightly woven yarn on simple frames of two crossed sticks.

The Huichol Indians made these "God's eyes" to be placed on altars so that their gods would protect and watch over those who prayed at the altars. The Ojo de Dios is a symbol of the power of seeing and understanding unseen things. The four points of the crossed sticks represent earth, air, water, and fire.

Ojos de Dios were also an important worship object for the Aymara Indians in what is now Bolivia, South America. Native American tribes in the southwestern region of the United States also adopted this object and its spiritual customs. The Navajo are known for their eight-sided Ojos de Dios. Today, Christians throughout the world have popularized this craft as a symbol for the one and only God.

When one makes a traditional Ojo de Dios, one is expressing a prayer that the "Eye of God" will watch over them or the person they are making it for (oftentimes a child). The Ojo de Dios is also a physical representation of praying for health, fortune, and a long life. To some Christians, it means a prayer for "May the eye of God be upon you."

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