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Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Wool Drop Spindle'

Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Wool Drop Spindle'

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Wool Drop Spindle
Our Wool Drop Spindle Set includes a low-whorl wooden drop spindle measuring 11-1/2 inches long with a 3-3/8 inch-diameter whorl, approximately one ounce of premium natural colored wool roving, and illustrated instructions to get you started spinning wool into yarn just as our ancestors did. Spindle weighs two ounces.

Historical Background: Please see our Wool Drop Spindle Only for the historical background on drop spindles for wool. Likewise, see our Wool Roving for the historical background on wool roving.

Fun Fact: The use of the distaff by women was very common during Medieval times and the term "distaff side" of one's family became known as the maternal relations of the family. Do you know who your "distaff relatives" are?

Fun Fact: A Massachusetts law required young people to learn the art of spinning and weaving.

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS - 8.5 x 12 x 3"