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Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Yarn Doll Kit'

Historic Folk Toys: Craft, 'Yarn Doll Kit'

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Yarn Doll Kit
Our Yarn Doll Kit includes yarn, felt, pattern, instructions, and the history of yarn. Felt colors will vary. Making a yarn doll is a fun home or school craft project and is very popular as a Brownie Scout activity. Our yarn doll measures approximately 7 inches tall when finished.

Historical Background: The outfit for this yarn doll is based on a design from the 1960s. Other yarn dolls were not dressed with felt or material; instead, the yarn formed the dress for a girl (or the pants for a boy). Yarn dolls were made during the Colonial America period from homespun yarn. Yarn was one of the first products to be industrialized in North America. The Coats and Clark Company in the United States first marketed Red Heart Yarn in September, 1936, and the first acrylic yarn in 1959.

Making yarn dolls became a popular pastime, and the yarn doll was listed as a craft activity in one of the earliest Brownie Scout Hand Books. Yarn Dolls are a fun and easy craft project that is perfect for a group activity or an individual.