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Historic Folk Toys: Game, 'Button and String Puzzle'

Historic Folk Toys: Game, 'Button and String Puzzle'

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Button and String Puzzle
Our Button and String Puzzle is 5-3/4 inches long, made from natural hardwood and comes with a braided nylon cord and wooden button. The solution to this puzzle is included.

Historical Background: The Button and String Puzzle is also known as the Cinch Puzzle because it resembles cinch blocks used to tighten tent ropes during the American Civil War. The object of the puzzle is to remove the wood button and string from the block of wood without untying the string. A similar but much more complicated toy called The Puzzling Rings is described in great detail in "The Boys Own Book," published in 1829. These kinds of puzzles are a great amusement for anyone traveling long distances. Keep this toy in your car or give it to a child who has everything, especially time on his or her hands!

PACKAGE DIMENSIONS - 3.75 x 7.75 x 0.5"