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Museum Publication: Historical Society, 'Bennington Souvenir 1904'

Museum Publication: Historical Society, 'Bennington Souvenir 1904'

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Bennington Souvenir
Edited by Melvin H. Robinson

This delightfully illustrated book is a snapshot of Bennington as it was one hundred years ago. The town was one of the largest in the state and at the height of its influence as an industrial center. Many large mills were in full operation and dozens of millionaire’s made their homes here. This remarkable collection of photographs, issued in the form of a yearbook, is filled with wonderfully nostalgic pictures which document the people and places of a bygone era. The residents of turn of the century Bennington were proud of what they had achieved and this book, originally created in 1904 by the YMCA, is a snapshot of that lost era. The book contains a new index and was compiled and reprinted by the Bennington Historical Society.

Publication Date: 1903-04 (Compiled)
Publisher: Bennington Historical Society
Product Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 3/8
Format: Soft
Pages: 119
Photos: 121