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Museum Publication: Historical Society, 'The Story of David Redding'

Museum Publication: Historical Society, 'The Story of David Redding'

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David Redding Queen's Ranger
Who was hanged in Bennington, Vermont
June 11, 1778
A Study in Historical Reconstruction
by John Spargo

In the 1970s a skeleton of a man who had died two hundred years ealier was finally laid to rest in the Old Bennington Cemetery. The bones belonged to David Redding, a man accused of being a Tory spy during the Revolutionary War. As a result he was deprived of a decent burial and his skeleton was used for teaching anatomy at Williams College. His trial and hanging are among the most famous in Vermont's history and it all took place on Monument Avenue just a few steps from the Catamount stature. Ethan Allen even appears as a dramatic figure in the strange story. In 1945 the director of the Bennington Museum, John Spargo, set about to find the true facts of the case and in this book he finally solves the mystery of just who Redding really was. Due to Spargo's work, Reddings name appears along side the other British and Hessian soldiers who are buried with honor in the cemetery. Long out of print and now reissued by the Bennington Historical Society.

Publication Date: 1945 (Reproduced 2017)
Publisher: Bennington Historical Society
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1/4
Format: Soft
Pages: 68
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